History, Story, and Backstory

    Though the rain on Corellia was light, it stung as it whipped against his face, caused by his racing swoop's 200 kilometers per hour while he sped around the city. His hazel eyes narrow against the onslaught in an attempt to keep Cephallenia's Intergalactic Starport of Corellia in sight in the hopes of seeing the YT-1300 he has been expecting. He shakes his head causing his shoulder length brown hair to slap his cheek despite being tied back, annoyed with his own impatience. His Ruus'alor would be here soon enough and he shouldn't allow himself to be impatient when he could at least remain on the move, as any proper Mando'ad should do when not on assignment.

    He relishes the feel of the rain on his face as he thinks back on the events that brought him to this point. Raised in proper Mando fashion, he trained in weapons and combat from an early age and worked very hard to excel in every field of combat he could think of. If not for a freak accident, he most likely would have ended up leading a squad of ori'ramikade himself by now, but his father's ship had crashed on Tattooine many years ago, leaving him the only survivor. Unable to retrieve any of the items on board, Kyr`galaar Vhett had fled into the desert, knowing he had to find shelter before the twin suns arose and cooked him alive. Slowly, he worked his way through the desert waste until he arrived at Mos Eisley.

    Taking odd jobs, here and there, he started saving his credits, trying to get a ship offworld in an attempt to contact the family he knew he was a part of. In order to hide at least part of his identity from the aruetiise, he simply went by the name of Kyr, allowing those around him to just assume that Galaar was his last name. After some time, Kyr received a message over the Holonet from the Faction he had contacted for application accepting him into their ranks just as he was leaving Tattooine for Corellia. Happy with this turn of events, he relaxed on the trip, expecting to be able to buy himself the basics and find further transport to Alk'lellish I, home of the Mando'ade. However, he was unable to find a single shop, not just in Cephallenia, where the starport was, but in any of the surrounding cities, either. Frustrated and impatient, he returned to the starport to buy a ticket to Alk'lellish only to find that none of the ships would go there, forcing him to contact the Mando'ade for alternate transport.

    While awaiting his ride, he wandered the nearly empty city of Cephallenia, but it was very slow going. Knowing that his expected ship would be unable to carry much in the way of vehicles, but figuring he could always sell anything he got or maybe even have whatever vehicle he got transported to his destination, he finally broke down and bought the inexpensive Nebulon-S swoop he is currently riding. Happy with his purchase, and the decent speed it added to his traveling time around Corellia, he began his rapid exploration and continued to just cruise the streets to kill some time while awaiting his ride. Unfortunately, the ship sent to pick him up was unexpectedly delayed before being retasked to pick up someone else on Coruscant, so it was a good thing his Aliit'buir had agreed to come pick him up himself and his YT-1300 would allow Kyr`galaar to bring his swoop along with him. During all of this waiting, Kyr had also received his salary as well as was assigned to a specific unit within the Mando'ade Faction. Soon he will be on his way to begin his rise in the ranks of the great Mandalorian warrior tradition.

    Choosing to leave his swoop behind, Kyr boards the Snow Lily and greets his Aliit'buir warmly. After getting settled, he finds himself assigned as pilot and takes his place in the cockpit of the YT-1300 as they enter hyperspace on the roughly two and a half days journey to Alk'lellish I. Kyr`galaar takes the time to familiarize himself with the controls of the ship and studies the Nav Comp in case his assignment changes. Glad to finally be on his way, he relaxes. At least, he relaxes as much as any Mandalorian can allow themselves to relax, and begins to plan for what he needs to do next. He knows he will need equipment and weapons, despite his training in unarmed combat and stealth, as well as to find additional transport to Wellte-ir for additional basic training, unless ordered to take the Snow Lily as his transport to the further planet. He closes his eyes and breathes deep before letting himself drift off into a combat nap in the pilot's seat, making sure he stays near the controls in case of an emergency, but hoping that he will get a chance to rest up before the drop out of hyperspace.

    Arriving in the Alk'lellish system, Kyr proceeds to Alk'lellish I where he receives new orders to to pick up an ETA-2 starfighter and cruise the system in that, which he does gladly, while awaiting rendezvous with a BFF Bulk Freighter. While awaiting the freighter, he takes his time to get to know the system as best he can. Noting the high number of ships in the area, he tries to avoid any hostile entanglements when he spots the BFF enter the system. He quickly plots a course an proceeds directly to it, where he leaves the fighter behind to board the freighter. After greeting his Aliit'vod, he settles in for an 18 hour trip to Boordii to drop off some supplies and allows himself a quick combat nap haunted by dreams.

    He awakens, trembling, as the freighter enters the Boordii System and he immediately throws himself into work, taking the initiative while his aliit'vod is occupied in order to quash the twisted memories and nightmares. A quick micro jump cuts 5 hours off the travel time and it isn't long before the freighter is in position at the trading station Purgatory. He moves quickly down and offloads the supplies before jumping back into hyperspace for the Alk'lellish system almost before his assigned partner knows what's happening. Kyr continues to train himself mentally and physically during the return trip if only to keep the dreams at bay and is almost relieved when they reach the system, allowing him to transfer to the ETA-2 left there previously. The fast starfighter makes travel to and then onto Alk'lellish I take almost no time at all, where he picks up the gear assigned to him and immediately jumps back into the fighter and heads out on his first solo mission.


     In no time at all, he is promoted to Verd'ika as he continues running missions for the Mando'ade and even gets some jobs on the side to make some extra credits. He even begins acquiring items to replace those assigned to him by the faction until he's a relatively experienced pilot, fighter, and trader all on his own. Attempting to recover some of the items he's purchased, Kyr has even found a reliable transport service to collect his scattered purchases all over the galaxy. Through the course of his travels, a Duro in charge of a ship production faction approaches him and offers him a job as head of security, a job that would lead to Kyr running his own faction. Before he knows it, he has become head of security for Praxius University as well and has gained some recognition as a freelance writer and artist across the galaxy. The funding from these jobs help him to acquire additional items to help outfit the members of his security teams all while still doing jobs for the Mando'ade faction. It's enough to make a soldier's head spin. 


      All the work he had been doing for  the Mando'ade and the other various organizations soon led to the allocation of an unusually large arsenal to be spread out among his new collection of soldiers as well as a fleet to keep them mobile and effective in the galaxy. His personal fleet contained the four major ships he had set out to acquire as well as a full squadron of fighters and some additional freighters, thanks to the freelance transport jobs he took as well as painting ships for clients. His name was becoming known in the small corner of the galaxy he was in and he felt it was time t try and make a name for himself outside of the faction, though promised to back up his people should there ever be a need. Hopping aboard his Barloz freighter, Vorpan'meshurok Vercopa, he headed for the Farlax sector and Caross I.

       Almost immediately following his acceptance to the ship production company, Subpro Corporation, he is promoted to Second in Command, all the while continuing to lead his non-faction group, Solus'oya, toward becoming an official bounty hunter faction. Working hard to keep his people well stocked and cared for, he quickly helps restart production in the struggle to restore Subpro to the faction it is meant to be. Once that is going well, he transfers over to his Firespray, Kyr`galaar Solus'oya Ori'vod, to gather the few remaining items scattered across the galaxy. Remaining in touch with both the members of his NFG and Subpro, he keeps tabs on events to be sure that there is always someone in the right place at the right time. With his eye on the eventual formal induction of Solus'oya to the galaxy at large, he utilizes his contacts to amass wealth and assets as he closes in on the factionalization of his organization.

         At this time, Aliit Rang'pitat and Aliit Vhetin merge to form a single larger clan known as Aliit Rang'Vhetin. As one of the founding members, Kyr is given the opportunity to form is own small family under the banner of Rang'Vhetin which he proceeds to do as some of the members of his NFG agree to join him on this additional venture in order to strengthen their ties and their backup between one another and the clan as a whole. satisfied with how events have been unfolding, Kyr relaxes a little as he looks over what he's been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and thinks back on his rough beginnings, hoping that his parents are proud of the Mando he has become as time wears on.